Japan –
Sacred Places

November 4, 2018 - November 18th, 2018


$16,499 USD

Nov 4 – 18, 2018

2017 Price – $16,499

Single supplement $2,500

Price does not include intl airfare, alcohol, some meals, and incidentals.

Tsunehiko Kano

Our Team

Our special friends in Japan, Kano-san (professional photographer) and Chie-san (travel specialist) help make our experiences of Japanese culture thoroughly authentic. Without them we wouldn’t be able to have so many special opportunities that make our adventures truly extraordinary; private meditation sessions with Zen monks, attending sumo and archery practices, participating in noh and geisha dress and performances, and much more.

Kano-san accompanies us on all of our excursions as a teacher and translator. (We also travel with a second local guide.)

Chie-san will be happy to provide you with her valuable assistance if you’re planning on spending extra time in Japan before or after our workshop.

Our Locations

Japan. It has an unmistakable style. Home to sushi, tempura, tea ceremonies, haiku, calligraphy, printmaking, kimonos, geisha, samurai, ninja, kabuki, karaoke, Godzilla, Hello Kitty, manga, nuclear power, high tech electronics, Shinto, Zen Buddhism and so much, much more. This island nation has an extraordinarily rich heritage that has changed and continues to change the world. We’ll get a taste of it all – but our focus will be Japan’s sacred temples, shrines, gardens, and landscapes.

Plus, you’ll see it through each other’s eyes in our frequent seminars.

Our Itinerary

15 Days / 15 Nights

Nov 4 / Day 1 – Tokyo (NRT Intl Airport) (Welcome / Seminars)

Nov 5 / Day 2 – Tokyo To Nikko  (Bansai Village, Toshogu Shrine, Kanmangafuchi Abyss)


Nov 6 / Day 3 – Nikko  (Survey Of Areas Waterfalls, Sake Brewery)

Nov 7 / Day 4 – Nikko to Tokyo (Calligraphy Museum, Shodo Performance)

Nov 8 / Day 5 – Tokyo   (Kabuki Makeup & Performance)

Nov 9 / Day 6 – Tokyo (Kamakura Temples – Daibutsu, Hase Kanon, Hachimangu)

Nov 10 / Day 7 – Tokyo – Nikko ( Fish Market, Sushi Making, Kutanijaki Pottery)

Nara is located in the Kansai region of Japan and deer run wild in the park and streets.

Nov 11 / Days 8 – Gora Kadan (Local Farms, Kimono Museum)

Nov 12 / Day 9 – Gora Kadan (Owakudani, Hakone Shrine, Lake Cruise)

Nov 13 / Day 10 – Gora Kadan to Kyoto (Japanese Archery, Buddha Carving)

Nov 14 / Day 11- Kyoto (Fushimi Inari Shrine, Zen Monastery Meditation)

Nov 15 / Day 12 – Kyoto (Kimono Tea Ceremony, Temples)

Nov 16 / Day 13 – Kyoto – Nara (Todaiji Temple, Geisha Makeup & Dinner)

Nov 17 / Day 14 – Nara to Osaka (Blacksmith, Dotombori Shopping District)

Nov 18 / Day 15 – Osaka (Departure) A special one-day seminar is available for repeat alumni.





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$16,499 USD | Japan

November 4, 2018 - November 18th, 2018

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