Webinar on Presets in Lightroom 3 July 21st 1:30 PM

Lightroom presets allow you to quickly and easily accomplish a task with just the click of a button. There is no limit to what can be done, but you can have a one-click solution for file naming, metadata insertion, and correcting just about anything in the Develop Module. A preset can accomplish something as simple as  white balance and tone, or you can selectively apply presets to lighten and darken the sky or smooth skin. You can even apply all the presets on import.  Also, learn how to synchronize your images to work on them in batches instead of one-by-one. Get your questions answered LIVE and learn to use and incorporate these tools into your workflow this 90 minute eSeminar.

Key Takeaways Will Include:

  • Custom Develop Module Presets
  • File Naming Preset that adheres to Standards
  • Metadata Preset for all your images
  • Streamline your workflow by Synchronizing

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