We Need Peace and Solitude

The Fish Islands, Antarctica


If our political institutions were better at governing for the people we might just be able to cope with all of the myriad of problems in a more effective manner. However, it is obvious that our political system, particularly at the federal level, suffers from severe dysfunction. At dinner I suggested that it is time that anyone who serves in the House or Senate should be required to spend at least one year working a blue collar job in order to quality to run for office. Of course this would never happen but it just seems that Washington is a force that exists outside of the United States.

The two major political parties seem unable to cooperate in passing necessary legislation and framing wise public policies. Although it is easy to blame this on the growing polarization of the American public and our coarse political culture, the fact is that a majority of Americans indicate in public opinion polls that they are supportive of moderate positions on most issues. What is lacking is leadership that reflects majority opinion but has yet to be mobilized.
On one side we have a Republican Party that is still trying to recover from the governance of Donald Trump. On the other side, we have a Biden administration that promised to bring the country together and govern from the middle but has caved to the far left of the Democratic Party.
Traveling to Antarctica for the 13th time was a beautiful respite from the daily rigor of the real world. Instead of world changing issues on a daily basis we were afforded the luxury of bathing in solitude and peace with scenery like this.
While I just returned from Antarctica days ago I am already looking forward to my next trip and workshop in 2024. https://www.sethresnick.com/creative-workshops/
Work on your photography and work on your life……..

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