Transferring Energy

Large pieces of ice drop from an arch in an iceberg in the Iceberg Graveyard in Antarcitca

We have all thought of someone and just as we are doing so, the phone rings and it is that person. Is this just coincidence or is this a transfer of energy? I believe that what we think and say to ourselves subconsciously and consciously communicates messages to the universe. Is it possible that our thoughts have tremendous power and the thoughts we put out into the world affect the world around us?

Let’s look at some basics. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred and transformed such as when potential energy becomes kinetic energy or when the force of one object moves another object. If everything that exists is energy, then thoughts themselves are forms of energy.
Thoughts are not ethereal. Thoughts and emotions  are a result of very complex interactions and involve a very large number of neurons. They are representations of matter and therefore are coded by matter. At the very least thoughts are some sort of electromagnetic connection. When I think about it all wave patterns of energy lead somewhere. So where do our thoughts lead to and can they be detected by other humans or can they even be detected by other matter?
So where am I going with all this?
The same way that when we think of someone the phone rings or we suddenly see them in person, I believe that multiple people thinking about something at the same time can indeed cause an event to occur. For everyone who has travelled with me to Antarctica or the Arctic, I do not believe it is just chance that when I ask everyone in the zodiac to really concentrate on having a calving that it suddenly happens. Once chance, twice maybe but on almost every trip there comes a point where I get an unexplainable feeling and ask others to focus their own thoughts on the ice. 
I would love to hear from others who have experienced this and especially those who have travelled with me but I believe that we can transfer our energy and learning more about this can help us understand more about senses beyond the five we know about.
Below is probably the most amazing example of this concept but I have many many others.

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