Tonights Webinar – Using Lightroom with multiple computers and Synching Catalogs

Tonight we are doing a very requested webinar on using Lightroom with Multiple Computers and Synching Catalogs.

DATE: Thursday, November 18th
TIME:  8:30 – 10:00PM (eastern)
COST: $50.00

Learn how to how to best utilize Lightroom on multiple computers.

The dilema is: “I use a Laptop in the field when shooting, and a desktop at the studio/home for processing and management in Lightroom.  If the “main” Library and Catalog live on my “main” computer’s hard drive in the studio/home, how do I sync the Catalog on my laptop or other computers with the “main” Library and Catalog?”

There are several ways to accomplish this, and we will demo them in this webinar. D-65 has found work-around solutions that run effortlessly and flawlessly. Your methodology for accomplishing this needed task will be dependent upon what you how much work you do to your files in the field.

Space is limited to ensure we can answer all your questions in our interactive Q&A.  Each participant also receives a recording of the eSeminar to view for 14 days to review the concepts covered.

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Upon completion of your registration you will receive a separate email from Webex with a link you will use on November 18th to take you to your eSeminar. See you online!

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