Time For Calm

Neko Harbor, Antarctica

Today the world needs some calming. I know I certainly need some. Looking at images is a form of meditation for me and it works.

When you’re anxious or angry, you tend to take quick, shallow breaths.  Short breaths reinforce your fight-or-flight response. That’s why taking long, deep calming breaths disrupts that loop and helps you calm down. Part of being anxious or angry is having irrational thoughts that don’t necessarily make sense. These thoughts are often the “worse-case scenario.” You might find yourself caught in the “what if” cycle, which can cause you to sabotage a lot of things in your life. When you’re anxious or angry, it can feel like every muscle in your body is tense and they probably are.

Looking at calming pictures is a form of mindfulness meditation, in which you maintain your attention or awareness on a present moments through meditation. Zoning out and taking a mental vacation is exactly what calming pictures have the power to do for your mind and, therefore, your overall wellness.
 Looking at calming pictures of nature reduces activity in the brain’s orbitofrontal cortex. This area of the brain is involved in regulating emotion and can be hyperactive when you experience anxiety or depression, causing feelings like stress or worry.
Many white noise machines include a “whoosh” of crashing waves, but even looking at calming pictures of the ocean have a similar relaxing effect. In fact there is a link between ocean views and better mental health. Increased views of blue space are associated with less stress.
Colors can have a major impact on stress levels. Blue and green, in particular, can do wonders for your mood.
When I am really stressed I simply open up a grid of images and find myself able to settle down and relax.
Next Creativity Lightroom Workshop Date:  April 13 – April 16th, 2023
While I just returned from Antarctica days ago I am already looking forward to my next trip and workshop in 2024. https://www.sethresnick.com/creative-workshops/
Work on your photography and work on your life……..
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