The Ultimate Lightroom 6 Workshop

Learn the legendary Lightroom Workflow.




Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
May 12-15, 2015 3 spaces left

June 23-26

July 7-10

October 13-16

December 15-18
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Not only will we teach you Lightroom but we will also teach you how to convey your vision with processing. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Lightroom and become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized, edited and archived through keywording, metadata and collections.

Many of the folks teaching Lightroom have gotten their training by taking our workshop.

Why Take a D65 Lightroom Workshop?
Learn how to use Lightroom efficiently and effortlessly
Learn when to use what slider and why to adjust your images
Learn how to condense multiple catalogs into one concise catalog
Learn how to organize all of your images with an easy to follow DAM system
Learn how to get all of your old images organized into Lightroom
Learn how to migrate images from iPhoto and Aperture
Learn how to never have those annoying question marks
Learn how to merge images shot on location into your catalog at home
Learn how to set up an true archive, so you don’t ever lose anything
Learn advance techniques for moving between Lightroom and Photoshop
Learn in an intimate & personal setting with constant one-on-one attention
Learn how to reveal your voice with your images.


Class includes lunches and an amazing creative evening with wine and food




Here are some comments from our last few classes:

“Seth, sitting next to you for the four days was also an unforeseen gift where you were able to respond to my individual questions over the four days. I hope I didn’t ask too many questions. Your reflections also helped nudge and push me to a new level. Thanks again to you and Jamie for fabulous lunches, a dinner that should be highly rated by Michelin (they may not have enough stars) and extraordinary wine. “

“My experience with Seth and Jamie are among the strongest learning opportunities  that I have engaged in over the years. For me the real mark of success in a workshop is not the nuts and bolts knowledge that one gains but how a workshop changes one as a learner and impacts on one’s future efforts. This week with you two exceeded my expectations. I am a different photographer/artist then I was at the beginning of January. All of you have my utmost thanks and appreciation.”

“Seth & Jamie,
You have succeeded in creating the perfect workshop! Relaxed but intense learning opportunity! Being new to Lightroom my goal was to learn one new component per day that I understood & felt comfortable walking away with that knowledge. My goals have been exceeded. For once I felt like the cool geek living in a basement eating Cheetos!!!!!
Thank you for being progressive, opening your doors, sharing your family and teaching in a way that allows learning!
You have my highest respect!,
Oh ya, your artistry is pretty amazing too!”

“Seth and Jamie,
What a full four days! You are both great teachers and your book is very well written.
With zero background in photography, the first chapters gave me enough information to be able to follow the entire class and not get lost. Your sharing of both personal and professional stories intermixed with technical and creative information made the class very meaningful. It is easy to become intimidated in the search for professional growth and your presentations combined with your openness and true intentions put everyone in the class at ease. I look forward to applying your teachings in my already full workflow:)”

“This has a terrific experience.  I accomplished what I was after and took away some “gems”, some of them outside of the main topic, that I didn’t expect.  Thank you for a great week.”

“Dear Seth and Jamie,

This workshop far exceeded my expectations! The agenda for the four days was logically organized and the spiral review for each module was essential.

I truly appreciated your “tag team” model. You each bring such a wealth of experience and skill. The “walk round the table” one to one assistance was most helpful for me (as I am sure it was for everyone in the group) as it was truly specific and differentiated for each of us. I also like the “mini quiz” experiences. It helped me cement the knowledge that I was trying to apply each day.

I came with one expectation – that my catalog would be correctly organized and easily accessible by Friday! I have that and way more – including a trip to Antarctica in 2016!!! I now understand how the catalog works as well as how to correctly import old and new images.

I feel confident and “more competent” with the development module. Thank you for your fun and relaxing instruction and leadership that did not ever intimidate but always challenged me to improve my skills and understanding!! “

“Seth and Jamie,

This was above and beyond the knowledge I was hoping to receive, thank you for educating me”

”  Thank you for putting together  the best photography workshop I’ve ever attended.  What I really admired about it was that you could have sat up there and blown us away with the greatest images of your career but you chose to educate us all.
Thanks again. “

“Dear Seth and Jamie,

As many people do at this time of the year, I’m looking back to 2014 and what happened to me, what experiences I was allowed to make. I came to the conclusion that this one week in your legendary workshop, was a life changing experience. I learned so much in these days, not just about photography & lightroom but also about myself. Finally you gave me the confidence to give (semi-)professionalism a chance, so I will build up my portrait business next year. ”

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