The Surreal And Reality

A large flock of gulls along the Southeast Icleandic Coast as viewed from a helicopter
I love the surreal and whenever I find it I am both in awe and mesmerized. It is though I am photographing a living dream. I find that I use many of my unconscious dreams and fantasy to consciously express myself. Freud would have had a field day with this…..
The surreal movement started as a means of resolving the contradiction of dream and reality into a super like reality. The Surrealists strongly opposed the oppressive rules of society as if the unconscious mind, however bizarre was the reality. The surrealist artists discovered beauty in the uncanny.
The photograph today is a classic case. We were flying doors off in a helicopter in Iceland with the goal of photographing the surreal alluvial fans that are formed when the glacial rivers collide with the ocean. As we approached one of the alluvial fans there was a giant flock of seabirds. I asked the pilot to ascend so that we didn’t scare them away. I wanted to look down upon them as if I was a bird which makes a lot of sense to me because I routinely fly in my dreams. I love this image because at first you can’t tell what you are seeing and then you see the ice and the mind sees the dots which all make sense when you figure it out.

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