The new NEC MultiSync PA301W 30" widescreen ROCKS

The new NEC MultiSync PA301W 30″ widescreen ROCKS. I have been using 2 30″ Apple Cinema Displays in my office for quite sometime and just replaced them with 2 30″ NEC Displays. This monitor blows the doors off of the 30″ Apple  Cinema Display. This monitor sets a new standard for color critical performance. If you’re a photographer, or designer this monitor must become part of your repertoire.

The new NEC MultiSync PA301W 30" widescreen ROCKS

The 30?, widescreen LCD display with a 2560×1600 resolution  is ready to go right out of the box, as it’s set up and even calibrated at the factory before being sent out. Other features include a USB hub and a KVM built-in for those of you who run multiple machines or like to switch between your laptop and desktop. It also has the same picture-in-picture features and the capability to calibrate the monitor without a computer set up. You can also use an X-Rite i1Pro with SpectraView Software which produced spectacular results on my two monitors. This monitor has one of the widest gamuts I have seen in a monitor. Below I compared the profile from the 30 ” Cinema Display to the NEC MultiSync PA301W and there is a major difference with the NEC clearly superior.

30"Profiles showing gamut of Apple Cinema Display and The new NEC MultiSync PA301W 30" widescreen

Features include 350cd/m2 brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, dual DisplayPort, dual DVI-D input, built-in USB hub (2 up, 3 down), and 178/178 degrees viewing angle.

Using The MultiProfiler Software enables you to change between multiple profiles on the fly. This is fully customizable and allows you to have profiles set up for specific areas of your business—such as print, Web, animation and video, and photography profiles—and switch to see how something will look in print as opposed to the Web, etc. This is a huge timesaver and a great workflow asset. 

The NEC PA301W really is a new standard for those seeking color critical performance in a monitor.

Best of all if you buy one through the D65 Storefront through B&H and then send an email to with the details we will send you a $75.00 rebate coupon.

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