The Joy of Teaching Lightroom

Cuverville Island, Antarctica


I love teaching and returning to Antarctica reinvigorated my vision and my desire to teach. I love teaching because the rewards are limitless. As I better understand who I am the content I teach becomes  more meaningful to me. My students become my inspiration. It is simple to know what your photographs are of but much more important to learn what you photographs are about. The words we take to our heart are the words we learn to express visually in our art. Once you understand your own the language of light your own photographs can enable you to see the world a little differently. This language opens up new possibilities. You’ll become more aware of the incredible beauty all around you. and most importantly you can learn how to grow your vision by understanding better the very words your vision is about.
There are just 3 spaces left April 13- April 16 for Creativity and Lightroom. Lightroom has become a game changer with the addition of new masking tools . What was powerful is now in the stratosphere and aided by AI technology to help guide the photographer with the power of masks like never before. Selections that were only available in Photoshop and tedious to use and understand can now be in the hands of everyone. While we are going to concentrate on the new masking tools in the Develop Module we are going to dive much deeper into developing a signature look for your images and understand the signature meaning of your images.

The workshop is hands on and limited to 8 people allowing you the experience of a private workshop.

Next Workshop Date:  April 13 – April 16th, 2023


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