The Balance of Fog and Sunlight

Fog from the Atlantic blows in on Sossusvlei , high red dunes, located in the southern part of the Namib Desert, of Namibia


Sometimes in life everything is shrouded in fog. The fog blocks the light and can eliminate the light of the sun. The fog turns into a metaphor for everything around. We have all been there. That dark place that you feel alone and betrayed by life itself. You inevitably question the path you’ve chosen. Will that path take you towards the sun or deeper into the fog?

The more you think the more you question and the fog turns to anxiety. We all seek for certainty when in fact there is no certainty. Being in control and having security with the best laid plans can come at a cost.

I love photographing in the fog and yet I remember the beauty of the desert but that eerie feeling that this wonderful plan could easily become problematic. Flying above dune fields in the fog was exciting but watching the dunes disappear in fog makes the adrenaline run. Eventually the fog begins to burn off and we see the light.

Photographing the fog can be like life itself. There is always a sense of relief when we see the sun. This image was photographed hanging out a helicopter flying to the coast of Namibia from Sossusvlei.

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