Special discounts on upcoming Workflow and Creative Workshops

From June 25-28 we are holding a very special digital workflow workshop at our new home in Palm Beach. In addition to our workshop we will have a wine tasting and food experience in a truly intimate setting. We will extend $250 off of the regular price of  $1099 for any new registration. For more details http://www.d-65.com/workshop/201206_wpb_info.html

From August 12th to August 17 I will again be teaching with Greg Gorman in Mendocino at his studio and home. This creative workshop concentrates on lighting both studio and on location with models. This is an amazing workshop limited to a very small group. We have worked out a special fee for any new registration through D65 for $3500 for the week. This is more than $1500 of the regular price. For more information http://www.gormanworkshops.com/Directory.html





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