Some Images Need Words To Better Understand Them

The Boston Holocaust Memorial features six luminous glass towers, each 54 feet high. The towers are lit internally to gleam at night. They are set on a black granite path, each one over a dark chamber which carries the name of one of the principal Nazi death camps. Smoke rises from charred embers at the bottom of these chambers. Six million numbers are etched in glass in an orderly pattern, suggesting the infamous tattooed numbers and ghostly ledgers of the Nazi bureaucracy. Evocative and rich in metaphor, the six towers recall the six main death camps, the six million Jews who died, or a menorah of memorial candles.



The image today is a tough one to post but it is also an image that requires some words to fully appreciate. I was in Boston at night and as we drove by the Holocaust Memorial I saw reflections of traffic lights and color that surrounded the area. I knew I needed to photograph it.

As a human it is difficult to not get emotional and as a Jew it is even more profound.
Photographs have an extraordinary ability to convey emotions, and the Holocaust Memorial in Boston, with its dramatic colors and profound symbolism, elicits a deep and haunting emotional impact. For me the color played a crucial role in evoking my emotions, and the Holocaust Memorial’s color palette intensifies the emotional impact of the scene. The use of dark and somber hues, such as black and gray, made me feel the darkness and despair of the Holocaust. These colors embody the immense suffering and loss experienced by the victims and their families. The contrast with the vibrant colors seemed to symbolize resilience, hope, and the indomitable human spirit that emerged from some of the darkest periods of history.
The Boston Holocaust Memorial invites viewers to engage in deep reflection and contemplation. The arrangement of the glass towers, etched with numbers representing the infamous concentration camp tattoos, creates a haunting effect. It compels viewers to confront the horrors of the Holocaust and ponder the consequences of intolerance, prejudice, and the abuse of power. It fosters introspection and encourages individuals to question their own roles in creating a more compassionate and inclusive world.


I knew I needed to photograph this but it is an image that I don’t have hanging on my walls. The image of this memorial elicits a profound sense of remembrance and mourning. It serves as a powerful reminder of the atrocities committed against innocent individuals and the magnitude of the human tragedy. For me the emotions evoked include sorrow, grief, and a deep sense of loss, emphasizing the importance of never forgetting the past to prevent its recurrence.


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