Seth Resnick – Digital Tips & Tricks Workflow Not Workslow- Naples, Florida March 4, 5, 2011

Seth Resnick

Seth Resnick
Photographer extraordinaire, lecturer, co-founder D-65

2-day camera workshop
Friday-Saturday, March 4-5
10 a.m.-4 p.m.

In this workshop, Seth will teach a detailed and efficient workflow to organize, process and transport your images to your family and friends. Learn all the tricks and tips you’ll need to work with Lightroom and spend more time shooting and less time computing.

Seth Resnick is co-founder of D-65, an organization teaching digital workflow workshops (visit for more information) and co-author of the Photoshop Lightroom Workbook Workflow not Workslow in Lightroom 2. He is at the forefront of digital technologies in photography, working with companies like Adobe, Canon and Xrite.

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