Reality or Illusion

Rode Fjord, Greenland

How can we distinguish between reality and illusion? We all live in what amounts to two simultaneous worlds. One world outside of ourselves consists of things that others people can also see and perceive as we do. That said there is also a world inside consisting of our thoughts and imaginations, which only exist in our own mind.

I think that we tend to keep these two worlds apart. The brain combines signals entering our brains through our eyes with what we expect the world to look like based on our past experiences.
Sometimes reality and illusion are intertwined. In the photo below we are not used to seeing under water, so when an iceberg is photographed in still water the reality of below seems to be an illusion but as it turns out it is indeed reality.
As it turns out, reality and imagination are completely intermixed in our brain which means that the separation between our inner world and the outside world is not as clear as we might like to think.

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