Photography is a Sine Curve

Giraffes on the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

A good friend and talented student, Jed Best was participating in a Master Class that I was teaching with JP and he said something that at the time blew me away and resonates with me to this day. Jed loves light and architecture and has plenty of it to practice with in his Manhattan home. He was searching for some type of element to incorporate into his work to provide him with a signature look and he shows us an image and Jed nailed it. As a teacher you are as proud as a student when they achieve a goal you are trying to teach.

Instead of being psyched, Jed looked worried. He vocalized that he was scared and worried. HUH I said…. Instead of being on a high, Jed was worried that even though he knew this image hit a new target that maybe this was it and he wouldn’t be able to do it again. This concept has stuck with me to this day and I realize that for many of us photography is like a sine wave. A sinusoidal or sine wave is a curve with periodic oscillations of ups and downs. They are pretty predictable.
Photography and life for that matter doesn’t happen in a straight line. There will always be peaks and valleys as part of your journey. For every top there is going to be a near equal bottom and for every bottom there is going to be a near equal top. Photographically as well as ideologically in life, enjoy riding the crest of the wave but keep in mind that to ride the top you have to eventually get to the bottom.
For me personally I like to think of the path more as a journey. That journey of ups and down photographically and personally provides me with a plan and vision of knowing where I want to go. For me I keep defining and redefining what can be called my mission statement which involves capturing a sense of energy that I feel in this world whether that energy exists in a rock or a smiling face.
I would love to hear where you want to go on your photographic journey

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