Photo Workshop on Tall Ship in Greenland

We have 2 spots left on our private Tall Ship for Greenlands

Spectacular Scoresbysund, Greenland

This trip is limited to 18 people and it is a true photography workshop.

Greenland Photography Workshop Sept 14-25, 2019
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Prepare to be amazed by majestic Scoresbysund, Greenland, the largest ice fiord in the world, a region defined by some of the world’s largest and fastest moving glaciers, sometimes called ‘iceberg factories’.There’s magnificent landscape; towering mountains, magnificent glaciers calving massive icebergs, remote islands. There’s fascinating culture; one active Inuit village (Itoquortormitt) and several ancient Thule ruins. There’s vibrant wildlife; in order of guaranteed to see to might get lucky enough to see – a multitude of sea birds, seals, whales, musk ox, fox, walrus, and polar bears. Now imagine all of this under northern lights. (Landscape will be our focus for the Greenland Photography Workshop, but we’ll definitely experience wildlife and culture along the way.

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