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Make your photography personal

The growing process of photography is important to me. We each step I have eventually gotten bored and had to move forward. I started out in newspaper and that was a fantastic start. Having to complete six or seven assignments in a single day which involved processing film and making prints was the greatest training I could have ever asked for. My last project was a multi year story about a child that was burned and after that I felt that I needed to move on and I started freelancing and doing magazine work which led to covers for almost every major world magazine and then again I started to feel that it was a formula and it was time to move forward. From here I went to corporate annual reports and again eventually moved to advertising and then finally decided to do my best work I need to really work for me and produce work with meaning from my heart.

This process has been fascinating and keeps getting deeper and deeper and now have many collectors who seek my prints but again I wanted to go deeper. My dear friend and business partner John Paul Caponigro has had a major impact on me. He constantly pushes me to go deeper. I started to think more about the meaning of my work and started integrated words and that keeps advancing and I am on the cusp of yet another big change or rather a deeper change. Some of you have noticed it and written to me privately and that is touching.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel and experience the energy in an intuitive way. This energy stream includes other people’s feelings, inanimate objects, spiritual insights, and premonitions of the future. Basically, you are aware of all types of energetic vibrations through your own body and emotions. I have always considered it a sixth or seventh sense.

Essentially this is a very spiritual personalized form of photography. I do feel that some folks understand it an yet others resist it. I have been intrigued by both. I feel that the resistance is probably because photography is still not necessarily accepted as other forms of art probably because photography was and still is seen as a documentary medium. The very fact that so many people always ask if it has been altered in any way. They always feel compelled to ask did it look that way when you shot it. Somehow they only feel that photography should be literal or not accepted. Yet, no one asks this about painters or other forms of art.

I find this intriguing because there have been many photographers who over the years have produced very spiritual and powerful work. Sally Mann, Duane Michals and Susan Burnstine all produced extremely powerful and evocative work.

Several trips to Japan with very emotional experiences including the death of my dad made me very much aware of a deeper part of me. The spiritual or zen side of me has emerged and I have kept it very personal but now feel more compelled to expand upon this journey. I want to share the moments of inspiration and inspire others to look deeper within.

I now wake up very early and before I have my coffee I simply write about thoughts from the night before and pick particular images which I associate with those thoughts.

The image below was recently shot in Iceland. It is a photograph of the alluvial fans where the rivers meet the ocean but to me it is a metaphor for Japan and my feelings of clairsentience. I see Japanese dragons and so much more…..

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