Only In Dade

Walking with a pet chicken is just the way it is in Miami

For all the things that are said about South Florida, many of them are true…. In fact many of us watch a South Florida parody on Social Media called Only in Dade. It is sort of a daily pulse of things that would be considered beyond bizarre in other places but are more like the norm here. One of the locals on Only In Dade is a comic named Marcello Hernandez and he has just earned himself a place on SNL.

Anyhow back to today’s posting….. Seeing people holding their cats or walking their dogs is pretty common place. In fact seeing people with their birds, snakes and other critters really don’t turn heads anymore but this was an anomaly. This lady was walking down the street cuddling and holding her chicken. For me it was certainly a show stopper but not because of the chicken but rather because of the amazing array of colors.

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