One Year Of Writing

Reflections and Refraction in an iceberg

Time flies when your having fun! For more than a year now I have been writing and posting almost every day and the process has been cathartic both internally and externally. Typically I get up around 6AM and put down my dream thoughts from the night before. What started as an experiment to counter a million selfies I saw in Facebook has turned into a drive that is extremely rewarding.

Most people have some activity or activities that they engage with in order to reduce the normal stress of life. Tennis, skiing, golf, ballet, photography are all things people do for both enjoyment and stress relief. I love skiing, paddle boarding riding my One wheel for the same reason. Ironically photography is my profession so I feel blessed that it is also something that many folks do for stress relief.

From a scientific standpoint these activities may help bump up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Although this function is often referred to as a runner’s high, any feel good  activity, can contribute to this same feeling.
Well here we are a year later and I am still writing every day and it is helping me discover my own art on many levels. By understanding more of what I am feeling it really helps me have a direction for processing and it helps me understand the sensations in life that bring on joy, pain etc and to help me process those as well.
Today’s image continues on the theme of abstraction but also about opening up the mind’s eye to find more. This is a piece of ice that was grounded and dirty and one could easily pass by without a second glance. I took the second glance and notice even though it was a dirty dying iceberg it possessed a zest for life and when I look closely at the crystal structure there were amazing reflections from the ice and refractions from within.
I have made a decision to incorporate all of this into all my workshops. I am teaching Lightroom Workshops live again in small groups and the focus will be more on processing for feeling and tying images together.
I am also really looking forward to this kind of teaching in Antarctica and we still have a single and a shared double for Antarctica 2023.

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