New Design for and

New design for and


After months of work we are ready to take the wrappings off new websites for and Thanks for the fabulous design work and countless hours that Matthew Granat put in to bring this new design to fruition.

In 1998 I put up my first website with  Dogbark was run by a guy named Kyle Dreier. As I recall he had worked at American Way Magazine and developed the hosting company Dogbark for artists and photographers. Kyle still works as a food photographer in Nashville. Dogbark was ideal. Back in the day I could call with any problem at anytime and Kyle answered the phone. Eventually he sold the company but Dogbark remained an ideal place for photographers and I was a very long time loyal customer.
Suddenly all that changed on November 17, 2017. The company was sold and both of my websites went down along with email. The new company had no phone support and no tech support and everyone on Dogbark was upset. Most companies would have apologized profusely and tried their best to make up for the downtime but Dogbark offered nothing and the service remained among the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. The good news was that it gave me a kick in the pants to start working on a new design for the websites.
I found Matthew Granat Design through a friend and we met and I was confident that he had both the design skills and coding skills that I needed. We hit it off and he worked very hard to come up with a modern design that would would more than meet my expectations. We moved the sites to Siteground and today they are unleashed.

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