Lightroom 4 Workshops – March Madness Discount

$200 off of a D65 Lightroom Workflow Workshop with registration by March 17, 2012



Lightroom 4 is out with some amazing new features and we will be teaching it all!

In our 4-day intense workshop, D-65 will teach you detailed workflow utilizing the 7 modules of Lightroom 4, to vastly improve your digital asset management, processing and image delivery skills.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of Lightroom 4 and become an expert in keeping every image you shoot organized, edited  and archived through keywording, metadata and collections.

You’ll optimally develop  and enhance your images with presets and synchronization. And have the ability to move between Lightroom and Photoshop with ease while delivering quality images to friends, family or clients.

By the end of our 4 day intensive workshop, you will have the skills to create your own successful workflow in Lightroom 4.

And, you’ll also receive our comprehensive D-65 Lightroom 4 book.


Come learn about the two new modules, Map & Book, along with new features in each of the original modules. Here are some highlights…

Library Module

* Basic Video Editing

* Flags are now global

* Metadata Filters & Smart Collections adds Metadata Status


Develop Module

* Soft Proofing for Printing

* Process Version 2012


Map Module
* Add locations/ geotagging to your images using Google Maps
Book Module
* Design books without leaving LR
Print Module
* Print Adjustment includes 2 new sliders to compensate for printers that are always a bit dark, light of lacking contrast
* Export edited videos or originals as DPX for Premiere or H.264 mp4 files

Visit our website for more information on the program and to register.  

Workshop Fee

$1099.00 ($849 with March Madness Discount)


“Seth and Jamie are a tag team of information you won’t find anywhere else.  Their teaching style is engaging, informative, and entertaining.

New York:  April 10-13

Los Angeles:  April 26-29

Chicago:  June 3 – 6

West Palm Beach: June 25-28

Seattle:  July 27 – 30

Boston: October 12 – 15

San Francisco: November 5 – 8

 Past workshop participants experiences… 

Save $200

  or MORE

Tuition for the workshop is $1,099 and we are offering $200 off the fee for all registrations by March 17th!  Discount code: MARCH MADNESS

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING “The Buddy Plan”. If you and a buddy are interested in attending any D65 Workshop, the second person can attend for only 50% (Yes, FIFTY PERCENT) of the tuition fee.

For example, the tuition for our 4-Day Intensive Workflow Workshop is $1,099 per person. If you bring a friend and you register together, both of you can attend for a total of $1648.50, or $824.25 each. Be sure to tell us that you’re registering under “The Buddy Plan”.


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