Influences From Past Experiences

  Our perceptions of people and things are shaped by our prior experiences, our interests, and how carefully we process information. Research shows that  even a single instance of some imagery can tilt how you see the world one way or another in the future. Amazingly with the advances in human brain imaging, we now know that when you imagine something parts of the visual brain do light up. Further when we experience visual stimulation similar to what we have seen in the past brain imaging reveals the storage of some of these past visions. There is evidence suggesting that there is a huge overlap between mental imagery and seeing the same thing. I know that many things I have seen in the past have a part in how I photograph. In fact I see many of the artists I have followed in my own work. I stumbled across this image this morning and I certainly know the artist who influenced me. In fact I think this one is pretty easy to guess. Any ideas who I am referring too?











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