How to Create Killer Images with Seth Resnick July 10 – July 16, 2011 Santa Fe

High Intensity Creative Workshop – How to Create Killer Images  with Seth Resnick  July 10 – July 16, 2011

Learn how to create dynamic images from ordinary subjects

“How to Create Killer Images” is a workshop that seeks to reinvigorate your capacity for creativity. We concentrate on techniques that improve the overall photographic process, from concept to output.

In this high-energy workshop, we spend the majority of our time chasing the extraordinary New Mexico light through dramatic, ever-varied landscapes, from sunrise to sunset. We photograph with and without models in diverse environments that include sand dunes, salt flats, colorfully layered red rock, and more. Each photographer learns how to create what they see in their mind’s eye—things others would not see if they were standing right next to them. In this way, you learn how to see the subject matter that you might otherwise overlook.


A simple piece of old steel that you may otherwise walk by becomes a strong photograph when the foreground and background are opposite colors

Our non-photographing time includes daily critiques of our work, and classroom instruction on creativity and technique. We use Adobe Lightroom to process our images and optimize them for output.

The class is designed for photographers of all skill levels who want to take their photography in new and different directions. Our ultimate objective is to create the strong color imagery and dynamic graphics that stand the test of time.


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