Greatest Iceberg Of All Time

Beautiful Iceberg in The Iceberg Graveyard


There are icebergs and then there are ICEBERGS. With 14 trips to Antarctica I have seen a lot of icebergs but there is one which still reigns as the emperor of ice.I am a cryophiliac or lover of Ice which is one of the reasons I travel to both the Arctic and Antarctic at every opportunity. These are the lands where icebergs reign supreme. Amidst my awe-inspiring 14 expeditions to Antarctica, a realm of frozen enchantment, I have borne witness to countless icebergs. Yet, amidst this frozen congregation, one rises above all, an unparalleled behemoth that commands reverence. Its presence forever etched in my memory, the epitome of icy grandeur.
We were in the Iceberg Graveyard a favorite destination where icebergs spin out of the circumpolar current and melt returning to the water they were a million years before. From our zodiac we beheld this magnificent spectacle from the rear, an imposing monolith of frozen splendor. In that moment, I marveled, for this was no ordinary iceberg. But little did I know that destiny had more in store. As we circled around to the front, an ethereal sight awaited us, akin to the exquisite craftsmanship of ancient Roman columns. It was as though divine sculptors had chiseled this frozen titan into existence.
Even now, the echoes of that fateful encounter reverberate within the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to accompany me in that sacred zodiac. For they, too, bear witness to the truth: this, my dear friends, was the epitome of icebergs, an unrivaled masterpiece that transcended the boundaries of nature’s artistry.
JP and I are searching for one more person to create the adventure of a lifetime. One zodiac for eight people including JP and myself from Feb 16-25, 2024 and we can offer you a very special deal.


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