Finding the Perfect Stone

Pumice Stone Field, Argentina


Searching for the perfect subject for a photograph was challenging in the vast Pumice Stone Fields of Argentina, where millions of boulders lie scattered across the landscape. Among the sea of rocks, only a select few seemed to possess the qualities necessary to talk to me and truly shine as a photograph. My criteria were formed in stone, and they needed light, shape, form, and a sense of presence that included my keywords to transform them into actors on a stage.


The first criterion for a boulder to stand out in a photograph for me is the way light interacts with it. Light is crucial in highlighting a rock’s texture, color, and contours, transforming it from a mundane object into a captivating subject. Whether the morning sun’s soft, warm glow illuminating the stone’s surface or the dramatic interplay of light and shadow at dusk, finding the proper lighting condition makes all the difference in capturing the boulder’s beauty. A rock’s unique contours, angles, and proportions create visually striking compositions that draw the viewer’s eye and evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. Whether a smooth, rounded stone sculpted by centuries of wind and water erosion or a jagged, angular rock jutting out of the ground like a prehistoric monument, the boulder’s shape and form lend a sense of dynamism and depth to the photograph.


However, more is needed for a boulder to be visually appealing; it must also possess a confident presence that allows it to command the stage in a photograph. Like an actor on a theatrical stage, the rock must exude a sense of character, personality, and emotion that captivates the viewer and invites them to engage with the scene. Whether a sense of grandeur and majesty conveyed by a massive, towering boulder or a feeling of delicacy and intimacy emanating from the boulder, it must possess a certain magnetism that draws me in and holds my attention.



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