Finding the meaning of sacred


It was 4 years ago at 2 AM EST. I spoke my dad the day I left for Japan from the Atlanta airport. During the trip I didn’t call but after meeting with a zen priest and getting myself into a body position that even my wife couldn’t believe I had a very deep feeling to call my dad. I just picked up the phone to say hi and we had a wonderful talk about my images and the time I spent with a zen priest. He told me he was going to take a nap because his Resnick back was bothering him.

We left on a boat for a beautiful remote island called Taksukushi and it has a rare beautiful coral reef with warm water in an area where most of the water is 50 degrees. There are ancient sacred landforms of large fossils which look like something from Stonehenge and Easter Island. I felt very different on this island and was feeling like I learned the meaning of sacred.
During my time on the island I made one image which had the rare land forms and the milky way galaxy and the moment felt very special.

I got back to the hotel 4 hours later and my brother called to say dad had passed during his nap. I believe that I took that picture the moment he transcended to a new place. Now I truly know the meaning of sacred and for me sacred is my feelings for my family. Dad I miss you and think of you every day.




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