The dunes of Serra Cafema in Namibia

I learn from writing and with yesterday’s post I learned a lot. Several people wrote that they thought yesterday’s photograph with the giraffe was one of my best. I have passed by that image time and time again because it had a giraffe and I do not consider myself as a wildlife photographer. Yesterday, I revisited that image again and I realized that it isn’t about wildlife,  it is about energy with a giraffe in the frame. The funny part is that I have resisted the image and others with wildlife because wildlife photographers are photographers like Frans Lanting and Art Wolfe.

I photograph energy and it took re-evaluation of yesterdays image to realize it was all about energy and I overlooked the primordial quality of energy called light. Light is one of the ultimate energies and sometimes it is hard to understand and makes no sense.

Energy is all around us. It’s responsible for making everything happen, Energy may exist in  quantity with an infinite amount in the universe. It can be measured and stored in various ways, but it is not a material substance, even though it can be converted directly into matter.

 Light travels both as particles, known as photons, and as electromagnetic waves, known as electromagnetic radiation. The length, or wavelength, of light determines the properties of light, including whether or not it is visible.
I believe I have been given a gift probably from my mom that offers me the ability to feel and understand energy beyond the 5 senses. I have written about clairsentience many times and yet I am still just beginning to understand it.
It’s so much more than intuition. It’s on a higher level than that. It’s very much like being able to taste music. It requires the use of all of your senses. To make use of the vibrations, energies and emotions of those around us.
Always fun perusing images on my Sharp/NEC displays. The image below still confuses my mind. The light simply doesn’t make sense until one understands that the light is bouncing off sand dunes in every direction. Along with the sand is fog and blowing sand. This one from Serra Cafema in Namibia.

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