End of Summer

The end of Summer

Although Summer is officially over in terms of the calendar, it seems to be in full force here in Florida. Even thought it is 93 degrees, I can begin to think of the changing leaves to come. I love the Fall and even though I see the leaves every year they somehow continue to messmerize the soul.

Through adulthood, my love for vibrant Fall colors as a teacher and muse have expanded. The change of the seasons can become a true tool for soothing the soul.  After all, they mirror humanity. We start with blossoms and leaves in the beginning of Spring symbolizing birth and journey from the spring blossom of birth to the winter finale of death.  The Nature as my friends in Iceland call it, not only renders peace, but insight.

Whenever I feel life is traveling too quickly and loaded with one too many stressors, I look The Nature  to ground me. It reflects the wisdom and rhythm of age. I then seek to emulate it with love and grace.

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