Do Artists that influenced you as a child impact you today


Many times I am a student in the very workshops that I teach because I allow myself to open up and do the very same exercises that I give to students. One of those exercises is to track the artists that influenced you growing up. It was not surprising that Jay Maisel was at the top of the list but others were not only a big surprise but had an amazing influence on my current work. I thought long and hard about my love of abstraction and specifically optical illusion. Suddenly it occurred to me that as a kid I had an Escher poster in my room. It made me aware that objects I saw at home filtered into my subconscious in intriguing ways.

Memories of childhood can be vivid or very inaccurate but as an artist I feel that the more I explore the more of the world I see in my minds eye . Those memories are deeply woven into my subconscious in ways that carry over into my entire creative process. I now realize that the visual vocabulary that attracted me as a child is still something I’m trying to incorporate in my work.

The Art of Creativity & The Art of Processing
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