Day One in Reykjavik with Seth Resnick – Focus on Nature Workshop

After coming within seconds of missing my connection to Reykjavik from JFK due to a Delta flight attendant sending me to the wrong terminal, I am very happy to finally arrive in Reykjavik, Iceland for my workshop. Landed and wasted no time getting out to make some images in and around Reykjavik. It was Gay Pride Day which is a large festival where just about everyone comes out and the weather was perfect.

Geothermal storage tanks near the Reykjavik, Iceland airport.

Mineral deposits on lava at the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa

Painting an apartment in Reykjavik


 Color everywhere

Color, color, color

Everyone chooses their own color:)

New Opera Center and Concert Hall

Reflections in water at Concert Hall


Massive job to clean all the windows

Patterns and glass are amazing

Back of a chair

Back of a waitress

Gay Pride Day in Reykjavik

Faces, faces and more faces

Reflections in water

Chain on rusted wall

Folks take a dip in the icy ocean at the Grotta Lighthouse

All ages take the dip but the youngsters had wetsuits…

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