D65's Lightroom Workflow: From Import Through Export – Webinar March 14th, 8:00 -9:30 PM (eastern)

D65's eSeminar on March 14th: Lightroom Workflow from Import through Export

D65’s Lightroom Workflow: From Import Through Export
DATE: Monday, March 14th
TIME: 8:00-9:30 PM (eastern)
COST: $50.00
With D65’s workflow, all of your files are imported, renamed, keyworded, captioned, ranked processed in a systematic, standardized methodology adaptable to any photographer’s needs. With this system, you will manage your worlfow, efficiently, effectively and effortlessly, allowing you more time behind the camera, and less time behind the computer.

In this eSeminar, we will go through importing images, organizing them in the Library Module, working on them in the Develop Module and exporting them in an organized, easy to follow workflow.


Space is limited in all of our eSeminars to ensure we can answer all your questions in our interactive Q&A.  Each participant also receives a recording of the eSeminar to view for 14 days to review the concepts covered.

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