D65 Seth Resnick -The Best of Africa – Africa Spectacular 2012- May 6-21

NAMIBIA- dunes of Sossesviei   KULALA DESERT-Skeleton Coast   BOTSWANA- Mombo- Vumbra Plains

Full frame with 70-200-Lions in Vumbra Plains


On May 4th, Arrive in Johannesburg and spend two nights in Johannesburg at Hotel.  On May 5th, Private Group Tour of Soweto/Townships with Robin Binckes (Culture!)
On May 6th, depart for Namibia and visit the Dunes of Sossesvlei staying at Kulala Desert Lodge for 3 Nights

On May 9th, depart Kulala Desert to Skeleton Coast for 3 Nights
On May 12th, leave Namibia for a direct flight to Botswana, and connect to Kings Pool for 3 Nights
On May 15th, depart Kings Pool to Vumbura Plains for 3 Nights
Elephants in Vumbra Plains
Accommodations in Vumbra Plains
Accommodations in Vumbra Plains
Leopards in Vumbra Plains
Leopards in Vumbra Plains
Reed frogs
Reed frogs
On May 18th, return to Johannesburg for those not doing the Mombo Extension
Mombo Extension Starting May 18th – 21st 

For those going on the Mombo Extension, transfer from Vumbura to Mombo (15min Flight) for 3 Nights 

Rhinos is Mombo
Rhinos is Mombo
Lions in Mombo
Lions in Mombo
On May 21st, after an incredible safari trip return to Johannesburg for your flights to USA.

ALL the CAMPS we are traveling to are OWNED and/or OPERATED by WILDERNESS SAFARIS
Little Kulala is the Premiere Camp, and Kulala Desert Lodge is the Classic/Wilderness Adventures Camp.
The choices was made because personally, we like the location of Kulala Desert Lodge better.
Kulala Deser Lodge is in the pro-namib, a slightly more lush terrain with a greater species diversity.  Closer to the mountains, the scenery in mind is “better”.   Grasses bring caressed by a gentle breeze or under a full moon is spectacular.
With the camp bring higher on the hill, the commanding views of the valley below are great and the access to the dune gates is closer than that of Little Kulala.
While Skeleton Coast Camp is considered to be a classic camp,  Serra Cafema the Premiere Camp has been closed down because of a flood!   Regardless, we still would have chosen Skeleton Coast Camp because the highlight and specialty of traveling to this area, is that it is probably the most remote place one can visit in all of Africa.  The activities at this camp will be daily, meaning we will leave in the morning and only come back in the afternoon packing meals for the day.
So considering we will only be “sleeping” there, Wilderness Safaris has built the camp more on the basis of location and remoteness, than luxury.   Laundry is actually not done at Skeleton Coast…as water is very very limited.  All the other camps will have laundry….so surviving for 3 days has never been an issue for any of our travelers.
Just some personal thoughts…
The itinerary first and foremost has been customized to take you to the BEST wildlife areas at this time of the year, while also keeping in mind the accommodation, and overall cost.  Mixing Classic/Premiere gives the travel a real sense of wilderness, and a true Africa experience.  We are going from Classic and building up the trip to Premiere.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 This trip is truly going to be like no other. Private planes and vehicles and guides and going to the best of the best of Africa.
The cost will be $19,480 and $5,380 for the additional time in Mombo.                                                                                                 
This is truly a once in a lifetime Africa trip and will be limited to 12 people and we will have 3 guides.
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