Creating and Image is Being Present

The Atacama Desert


Happy Monday..

Over the weekend I watched a Space X launch over the ocean and saw a UFO that others believe was Starlink but that is another story. Last week I touched on the creative process and that is where my focus remains this morning. While the image everyone sees is ultimately the goal, it is really about the process to get there and it starts with inspiration and imagination.
For me  the heart of the creative process lies imagination. It encourages me to think beyond conventional boundaries, challenge existing norms, and explore uncharted territories. The keyword if you will,  to the creative process celebrates originality, as it seeks to offer unique perspectives, solutions, and expressions that inspire and captivate audiences.
I don’t shoot and then look for images but rather I create the entire finished piece in my mind before I press the shutter. 
I personally have to be inspired and then l embark on a journey of preparation. This stage involves gathering knowledge, and developing some connection with my subject which leads to ideas that take shape and form. The most critical question I ask myself is what and why am I taking this image and what is needed to really bring it all together.
The brain engages in a creative process as you compose your shots, considering elements such as subject, lighting, angles, and framing. I fully try and  envision the final image I want to capture.
I pay attention to minute details, and anticipate the right timing. You are focused and your brain becomes more observant and aware of your surroundings. You notice subtle details, patterns, and unique moments that others might overlook. It’s a heightened sense of perception that allows you to capture the essence of a scene. I always ask myself questions like what words do I feel and is this image going to convey that feeling and concept.

It is essentially mindfulness and Presence requiring that you are  fully present in the moment. Your brain and soul become attuned to the present experience, letting go of distractions and immersing themselves in the act of capturing images.

I have said it many times that the image is truly made in the wetware of the brain and camera and lenses are just tools to help make that happen.
Today’s choice of an image was in the Atacama Desert. We saw these pools in the distance and while they were appealing I spent a good amount of time walking all around and thinking why am I here and what makes this unique and makes me feel connected. When I started to focus on the words otherworldly, surreal, intimate, journey, illusion, spiritual, and sacred place the whole concept came together.
Work on your photography and work on your life……..


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