Compiling a Shot List

Cuverville, Island

My thirteenth trip to the White Continent of Antarctica is approaching and I am composing my shot list of specific things I am searching for on this trip. I find that thinking about what I am looking for before I go is critical. What have I missed on previous trips and what do I want to revisit and improve are a fundamental approach for every trip I take.

Some things that I am interested in for the upcoming trip include ice that looks like something other than ice. I have seen ice that looks metallic, rock like and ice that looks like human and animal forms. I am also interested in the many colors and shades that ice can contain. Atmosphere is something I am intrigued by and hoping for some sun and fog combinations.
I will be searching for specific words, like tranquility, sensuality, metaphor, abstraction, fantasy, spiritual, illusion, energy surreal, and sacred place. I find that if I have these words drilled in my head it truly helps me to compose and visually articulate what I am searching for.
It is easy to be in place like Antarctica and shoot gigabytes of data without truly capturing the essence of what your work is about. Better understanding my own work provides me with a deeper understanding of my own emotions. I find that understanding my own photography increases my own self awareness and allows me to open my heart to better understand the world around me.  I hope that my work provides others with similar feelings and experiences.
The electric blue light found in Antarctica is like no other place on the planet. I am particularly drawn energetically to these spaces and I will actively pursue finding them over and over again.

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