Can You Tell This Is My Image?

Cracked Earth at The Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, Iceland


Let’s begin with the fact that I am posing a loaded question…

Many photographers aspire to develop a distinct style that encompasses both content and aesthetics. I often find myself questioning the presence of my cherished emotional and stylistic elements in an image and pondering the purpose behind capturing it. What happens when something you are typically known for does not materialize?

Consider the photograph presented below, taken near an eruption site in Iceland. To me, this image encapsulates various keywords such as geometric, illusion, metaphor, metamorphosis, sacred place, solitude, otherworldly, and surreal, among others. In terms of style, it clearly exhibits symmetry, texture, gesture, optical illusion, patterns, and more. The only aspect missing is bold color, unless we contemplate grayscale and black-and-white as colors…

I adore this image, although finding a suitable companion for it proves to be a more challenging endeavor. Furthermore, I wonder if any of you would correctly identify it as my own work and, if so, what factors would lead you to that conclusion?

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