Can Color Be The Subject?

Can Color Become The Subject?

I enjoy discovering situations where color takes precedence over the subject, resulting in an image that is based on color rather than the subject itself. While passing by a construction site that was cordoned off by a plain chain link fence, I noticed a wall of graffiti in the background. Using a long lens with a shallow depth of field, I was able to transform the graffiti into a rainbow of color, putting into practice a concept I learned during my studies of color theory at Syracuse.

Color is a fundamental principle of design that underpins much of my work. It has the power, like in any form of art, to elicit emotions and convey a narrative. Color and light can work in tandem to create composition, as the science of color affects how we perceive light. Objects absorb certain wavelengths while reflecting others, and the visible spectrum wavelengths that are reflected back are interpreted by our brains as the color of the object.

It is essential to be mindful of this fact when framing and composing with color and still fascinating that color itself can become the subject.


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