Botswana- Part 9- Mombo, lions, giraffes, and sunsets

DAY 11

I am up at 3AM writing this journal and we plan to head out around 4:30 AM. We will pack and stay out in the brush until we meet our small puddle jumper to take us on to our last camp. I awake to find a spider eating a frog on my veranda. I have no idea what kind of spider it was but this was one nasty looking big spider. We board our vehicle and head out into the bush. For whatever reason most of the animals are hiding. We drink beers before 8 AM and soon find a group of zebras.

7:30 AM and we need to get our creative juices flowing so we crack the beers. I believe Jeff was on #2

I have tried to make a photograph of zebras that is a conglomerate of all the diagonal lines. I have tried for days and simply haven’t had a large enough grouping of zebras to make my picture. Jeff volunteers to be a zebra herder and jumps out of the vehicle and starts to practice zebra herding. He definitely finds a calling in life and is talented at the art form of zebra herding. He roams the plains with black mambas and other deadly creatures and begins to herd the zebra into formation. The only problem is that while different groups of zebras will be in an area, each group has it’s own dominant male and they don’t like to get too close. Jeff has definitely become a qualified and certified Botswana zebra herder but he can’t quite herd all of them together.


Jeff herds zebras
Nice job Jeff. Now please turn them around
Thanks Jeff. Now get the group together

We make some pictures and eventually head to the wonderful airport. The airport is quite amazing. The baggage area is the place on the runway that the bags are placed. The waiting area is a portable step for the airplane and best of all moments before a plane touches down the actual runway needs to be cleared of baboons, elephants and a leopard . We get on our puddle jumper say our goodbyes and take a 10 minute fight to Mombo.

Baggage loading area at the International airstrip in Vumbra Plains


Mombo is another luxury camp, Folks like David Rockefeller and a gagle of celebs all come to Mombo to see Africa. The place is amazing. Mombo Camp is situated on Mombo Island, adjoining the northern tip of Chief’s Island, and is within the Moremi Game Reserve in northern Botswana. The camp offers abundant wonderful wildlife viewing, arguably, year round the best wildlife viewing in Botswana. The highlight here is the concentrations of plains animals and all the predators – including the big cats! Lion sightings are particularly good. Mombo is built under the shade of some large shady trees and overlooks a wonderful floodplain that teems with wildlife. The camp has 9 comfortably furnished, luxurious tents, raised off the ground. The guest’s rooms and the walkways that connect the rooms to the living area are up to 2m off the ground, allowing animals to wander freely through and under the camp. The canvas rooms are spacious and well appointed and have en-suite facilities under canvas and an additional outdoor shower for those who enjoy a shower under the stars. The dining room, pub and living area overlook the open plain in front of the camp and there is a plunge pool. The wildlife viewing in the area is excellent and guests can see lion, leopard, large herds of buffalo, wild dog, elephant, rhino, hyena, giraffe, wildebeest and zebra.

Mombo... A little more than your average tent...
Every detail was addressed at Mombo and the staff was FANTASTIC

We arrive drop off our bags and head out with our new guide Moss. We find a large pride of lions and an array of other animals and soon it is sunset and we see one of the most breathtaking sunsets. The sky is yellow and red and anything and everything in front of it is magnificent. After sunset we head back to camp and have dinner and call it a night.

This wild dog has attained celebrity status. He has been adopted by a family of Jackals at Mombo
Impala's block the road
A large pride of lions and yes we are very very very close
Yup very close indeed
but they are just so cute
Just look at that face
And they really love to cuddle
On the way back to camp we find giraffes at sunset
I get out of the vehicle and try to photograph the giraffe from the ground to get the sun in the right spot. He won't see me. YEA RIGHT. They bolted just as soon as I started to shoot
Do we really have to have another insane sunset YESSSSSS
Just more sunset
Moss our guide scans the horizon
Back at camp an elephant crosses with the last rays of light

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