Headed to Key West

We are heading to Key West for some shooting and fun. Traveling light with a few bodies and couple of lenses including my favorite 70 to 200. In addition to ...

Webinar on New Features In Lightroom 3

We will be holding a webinar tomorrow at 1:30 EST on the new features in Lightroom 3. We'll be showing the new features with detailed demo's on how to use ...

Miami World Naked Bike Ride

Hi everyone I hope you have a great weekend. Sitting down and drinking a little wine. Going to shoot something totally bizarre and classic for a good cause this weekend. ...

D65 launches our new book- D65's Lightroom Workbook Workflow, Not Workslow in Lightroom 3

D-65's workflow is accomplished by using Adobe Lightroom.  D65's Lightroom Workbook, Workflow Not Workslow details everything you ever wanted or needed to know about the five modules in Lightroom, including ...

Going to open a 1995 Araujo to celebrate

In honor of our new website and new book and Lightroom 3 I am going to pop open a 1995 Araujo Cabernet


At 4:15 EST D65 went live with our new website. Check out the new services and site Best, Seth and Jamie

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