Personalizing Photography

The growing process of photography is important to me. We each step I have eventually gotten bored and had to move forward. I started out in newspaper and that was ...

Finding the meaning of sacred

  It was 4 years ago at 2 AM EST. I spoke my dad the day I left for Japan from the Atlanta airport. During the trip I didn’t call ...

Peak action

Peak action has always been an element that I seek. For me  I thought it traces back to my roots as a sports photographer but maybe it goes much further ...

Using Emotional Keywords

I feel an almost magnetic pull to get the camera into these spaces. For anyone who has travelled to Antarctica or the Arctic with me you know I am always ...


My photographs are a journey into the personal energy of each subject. Where did this concept originate within me. I know the precise moment. It was the minute I met Renee ...

Do Artists that influenced you as a child impact you today

  Many times I am a student in the very workshops that I teach because I allow myself to open up and do the very same exercises that I give ...

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