Censored on Facebook

Yesterday I was censored from a complaint to Facebook and to say it rattled me would be an understatement. What rattled me even more was commentary from two Syracuse University ...

Personalizing Photography

The growing process of photography is important to me. We each step I have eventually gotten bored and had to move forward. I started out in newspaper and that was ...

Finding the meaning of sacred

  It was 4 years ago at 2 AM EST. I spoke my dad the day I left for Japan from the Atlanta airport. During the trip I didn’t call ...

Peak action

Peak action has always been an element that I seek. For me  I thought it traces back to my roots as a sports photographer but maybe it goes much further ...

Using Emotional Keywords

I feel an almost magnetic pull to get the camera into these spaces. For anyone who has travelled to Antarctica or the Arctic with me you know I am always ...


My photographs are a journey into the personal energy of each subject. Where did this concept originate within me. I know the precise moment. It was the minute I met Renee ...

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