Being Able to Laugh At Yourself

Dancer at the beach

In a world where we strive for perfection sometimes letting go and simply laughing at your own mistakes is the best way to move forward. I will bet that almost everyone reading this post will understand where I am coming from.

I guess things happen in two’s or three’s and yesterday I found myself wanting to photograph when my lenses were completely fogged from going from the air-conditioning to the beach. In the end I made the images I wanted to make but there was another issue even bigger than the first.
When I got home from the beach yesterday, I wanted to make a print for Nina and it should have been a cinch. After all I have made thousands of prints so one more shouldn’t have posed a problem. In fact I have templates with everything from the correct profile to the correct paper and printer all set up in Lightroom. I sat down at the computer and choose my template and loaded the paper and hit print and all should have been perfect, but for some reason my borders where way off. So I proceeded to do what the paper and ink companies love. I put in another sheet of paper restarted Lightroom and restarted the printer and made another print. Again the same problem.
I am the kind of person that can’t accept this, so I decided no matter how long it took I was going to figure this out. I went online to see if this was a known problem with this version of Lightroom and found several posts of people experiencing the same thing. I deleted all of Lightroom’s print preferences, trash my longstanding templates, delete the printer and reinstall the drivers and I am convinced I fixed the problem. I make another print and again the same problem. I was totally stumped. I then started from scratch and set up a new template for 8×10 and the print was perfect. I did the same for 11×14 and the print was perfect. I again did it for what I wanted originally which was 13×19 and same border issue existed. This simply could not be. Why in earth would a template for 13×19 not work when every other size seemed perfect?
Again, I go to the internet and low and behold others are having the same problem with 13×19. I try everything and nothing works and my blood is boiling.
Having OCD I of course store all my paper in boxes based on size neatly stacked on shelves. I go into the closet and look at the boxes and I suddenly start laughing at myself. Epson’s 11×17 paper comes in a box that is the same size box as Ilford’s 13×19. I wanted to make test prints first and was using the Epson paper which I assumed was 13×19 because it was neatly stacked with my Ilford 13×19 paper.
I proceed to take a new sheet of the Ilford 13×19 and print it and of course it is perfect. The whole problem was simply that I was using 11×17 paper that I had set for 13 x19. But, if that wasn’t bad enough, in fixing the problem I deleted all of my presets and templates and spent the rest of the day rebuilding them all.
In the end I solved the problem and had a good laugh and I am hoping that these incidents don’t run in three’s or I will have one more coming today.

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