Art of Creativity Workshop

Folks who have taken our Art of Creativity Class are typically asked by others if they shot good pictures?They are surprised when they learn that the person never actually shot a photograph during the workshop. How can one take a photography workshop and not shoot?

The Art of Creativity
The Art of Creativity

We teach two photography workshops that do not incorporate shooting. The Art of Creativity and The Art of Processing are very rewarding to teach and our participants take their work to new levels yet they don’t actually shoot.  So what exactly do we do in our program? We just finished teaching the Art of Creativity and below are just some of the topics we covered with the students. We spend the majority of our time on creative exercises to develop and enhance a personal distinct vision.

Picking words from the back of tickets to give new ideas
Picking words from the back of tickets to give new ideas

There are in depth reviews of work which include things like every person supplying 10 ideas to further develop a body of work. This in itself gives each participant more than 100 ideas. Some of the topics we covered were:


  • Describing your vision
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Keywords for yourself and your images   
  • Your photographic influences
  • Guiding Questions
  • Titles For A Body Of WorkWhat’s missing? 
  • How could you add something to make “it” more complete/successful?
  • What could you add to a complete body of work to extend it?    

It is beyond rewarding as a teacher when you can get students to find major life answers to questions that connect to their work. Tears, hugs and laughter are all experiences that we share as a group.


It is tradition for creativity to extend to food and wine
It is tradition for creativity to extend to food and wine

Ironically, when deciding on a workshop many people simply assume that they are already creative and they really are only interested processing. If we look at the work of many of the worlds respected photographers both living and dead they all had a very distinctive style and voice. It is not hard to know a Jay Maisel photograph or Greg Gorman, Eric Meola, or John Paul Caponigro. The same is true of Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and just about every other well known photographer. Their signature goes well beyond the physical one on the print. The entire image becomes a signature and this is what we teach in this workshop which just about every photographer finds beneficial.


In the end we ask all the students to rate various factors of the workshop on a scale of 1- 10.  It is truly humbling and rewarding to to review our own grades and see that we with with a possibility of 60 from each of 10 students our lowest grade was a 53 and 8 students gave us 60. This gives us a average score of 58.7 in satisfaction and expectations from a possible 60.


Our next Art of Creativity Workshop has only one space left and it is August 6-9 in Maine.

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