Octopus in Bag Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Abstraction and the surreal have always played a role in my own art. For me it is a way of truly allowing the minds eye to make a statement. It is both real and unreal at the same time. What I see you may or may not and you may see something totally different.
My use of abstraction  is not to tell a story, but to encourage others to create their own story through imagination and hopefully providing an emotional response.
Abstract art can be difficult to understand.  Some people feel uncomfortable by the lack of a concrete subject and others scoff vocalizing that is simply bad and isn’t worth viewing.  Others are curious and fascinated by its possible hidden meanings and messages and vocalize what the artist meant even though they have no idea.

The ultimate thrill for me is to find a subject that is truly real and photograph it in a way that is completely abstract.

I was in a market in Mexico and a gentleman had just purchased a live octopus. As he walked through the market the octopus was flashing every color in the rainbow. I had to photograph this. The man said no pictures but I explained I wasn’t interested in photographing him but rather the octopus. I shot a frame and then showed him and he couldn’t believe what it looked like. He smiled and let me make my photographs and wanted to see each one.

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