My photographs are a journey into the personal energy of each subject. Where did this concept originate within me. I know the precise moment. It was the minute I met Renee and photographed her being assessed in the Burn Unit at Upstate Medical Center. Somehow I knew she was going to be ok even though there was a long difficult journey ahead. When I made the first portrait of her I felt I was doing much more than taking her picture. There was an overwhelming sensation that hit me as I got closer and entered her personal space. It was a sixth sense a sensation that instantly connected us. Extremely powerful and I truly felt the image. I shot hundreds of shots on that first day but there was only one that I truly felt and I knew it as I pushed the shutter.

If I had to save only one photograph of all that I have ever taken it would be the first photo in this story. The image is so powerful to me that I do not have it hanging on my wall but I think about it every day and it is in my head every time I shoot.
I don’t select objects or themes. Rather, I let my subjects lead me.  I feel the energy first and it is that energy that I try and capture and when I do I press the shutter and truly feel that moment.
It may be hard to see the correlation between a piece of ice or a sand dune and the portrait of Renee but for me it is a very real feeling and it drives every successful image I make.



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