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What can I say? You are such an interesting person/character.  It has been pure joy to be here this week and see your work, hear your approach to the creative process and share your world with us.  It has been a great experience and I could only hope to continue down this path with as many of your observations, stories, insights and experiences as I can remember.  

It has been a remarkable week and often instructors are reluctant to “go there” when participants go deep but you and JP went there with us and I think it  brought a truly authentic and valuable experience to us and went through it with us.  My work is forever changed from what I have learned and my life has forever changed because of the amazing support I felt from you and JP.  
Many, many thanks and warmest wishes for a year full of love and family and friends.

Connie Dines

Creativity 2018

I have searched long and hard to find a workshop that offered exactly what I was looking for: feedback on my images; a significantincrease in my understanding of and comfort with how Lightroom and Photoshop can be used productively together to enhance my images; a clearer understanding of my photographic vision and style; and the impetus to move forward. Furthermore, I came away with an enhanced ability to alter my images if I wish: that is when and how to use Lightroom, and when and how to use Photoshop. Another important aspect is that the two of you create a comfortable and welcoming environment where we have no fear about receiving and giving feedback—we welcome it. It was inspiring that all the participants were open to analysis and feedback, both giving and receiving. Having no demand to take photographs made it perfect. You made us think! What could be better than that to improve our work!

I thank you both so much. Seth, your providing the party and lunches was beyond. I think I am going home a few pounds heavier (not good). So hard to resist all that outstanding food and wine. But most important is that the two of you productively blended an intellectual and concrete approach to our photography. Wonderful!

My best to you both,

Meredith Jones

Creativity 2018

This workshop is advertised as one in which John Paul Caponigro and Seth Resnick will work with the individual on that individual’s creative vision - yet there are multiple participants. How can this happen? Well, after having participated this past week with ten others, I can say that it does happen but as a group, with intriguing (and fun) exercises, sharing of images and sharing of personal stories, and support and insight from JP and Seth. I feel that my photography is going to take a big step forward, and I haven’t even thought of the camera sitting in my bag all week. The workshop is deep, intense, fun and challenging. It was worth every minute.

Carol Weitz

Creativity 2018

Creativity must come from the inside, and it can not be learned. That intimidating thought may or may not be right, but that is not the point any more for me. What I learned is that there is creativity inside all of us, and what need to learn is how to find it, and how to free it, how to nurture it. If was fun learning games, and processes to get past inhibitions, and systematically explore variations that open up new horizons for my photography. To sight just one example, it would have never occurred to me that keywords can be as useful, if not more, for finding new directions, as it is to find old photos.

Bob Kenedi

Creativity and Processing 2018

Without a camera in hand this workshop has given me many new ways to look at my photographic process. There wasn't a single discussion of gear and yet I feel I have several new tools for thinking about my current body of images and how I can move forward to make new and deeper images that bring me greater satisfaction and resonate with others. I'm excited to explore these tools further at home and begin to incorporate them into my process.

Debra S Wallace

Creativity 2018

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Mission Statement

My photographs are a journey into the personal energy of each subject. I am attracted to larger, unseen realities that contribute to their uniqueness. I look to capture the fantasy of nature. My vision explores feelings of sensuality and creates illusions, but at the same time emphasizes our fragile environment, instilling a sense of responsibility to preserve it from further destruction.

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