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Lightroom 6 Workshops
Palm Beach Gardens Another date soon 2017
Creative Workshops Schedule
Personal Project, Death Valley, CA
(register) SOLD OUT -
November 13-18, 2017
The Art of Creativity, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
(register) 4 spots left
January 16-19, 2018
The Art of Processing, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
(register) 5 spots left
January 21-24, 2018
February 18 -27, 2018
April 30-May 5th ,2018
2018 Sail Greenland Ice and Auroras-
(register Now) SOLD OUT
Sept 26 -Oct 6, 2018
February 18-27 2019
2019 Sail Greenland Ice and Auroras-
(register Now)
exact dates TBA Sept 26 -Oct 6, 2019
Speaking Engagements & Gallery Exhibits
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Seth Resnick Private Collection
Catering to discerning, professional image buyers
Seth Resnick Private Collection
How to proceed with customized stock photography research:
Please call 561-249-6676 or write to photoresearch@sethresnick.com and provide your research request.


Once you place a request for research, a stock photography researcher will let you know if we have the images you are requesting. You can continue your normal job without wasting precious time. Your selection will be posted to a custom private web page for you to peruse at your convenience. The fees for your specific usage request will be posted on the page as well. Our images are of the highest quality, geared to the professional photo buyer. None of our images appear in any clip art collection. We can tell you exactly where the images have appeared, if there are similars, and if they are released.  Fees are quoted based on specific use including: size, placement, circulation, distribution (local, national, international), length of display time, uniqueness of the image, and cost of production.