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Iron Door    Iceland

Rejkjavik Waitress    Iceland

House    Rejkjavik Iceland

Hot Dog Stand    Iceland

Skogafoss Waterfall    Iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier Hike    Iceland

Vatnajokull Glacier    Iceland

Black Ice    Glacier Lagoon Iceland

Glacier Lagoon    Iceland

Glacier Lagoon    Iceland

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano    Iceland

Cracked Earth at Eyjafjallajokull Volcano    Iceland

Eyjafjallajokull Volcano    Iceland

Eyrarbakki    Iceland

Reflections in water    Iceland

Apartment Building    Iceland

Silica on ground    Geothermal Plant Iceland

Silica on ground    Geothermal Plant Iceland

Rainbow    Santa Fe, New Mexico

Cowboy    Santa Fe, New Mexico

Wooden Door    Santa Fe, New Mexico

Horse Shoes on Wall    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Palm Tree    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Pink and Green Wall    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Thunderstorm    Miami Beach

Wall    Toronto

Old Boat    Oslo, Norway

Couple at Sunset    Miami Beach

Reed Frog    Botswana

Sunrise    Botswana

Lion    Botswana

Elephants    Botswana

Giraffe Herd    Botswana

Petrified Tree    Botswana

Lunar Eclipse    Miami


Eyjafjallajokull Eruption    Iceland

Eyjafjallajokull Eruption    Iceland

Shipyard    Iceland

Blue Iceberg    Scotia Sea, Antarctica

Iceberg with hole    Scotia Sea, Antarctica

Iceberg Graveyard    Scotia Sea, Antarctica

Striated Blue Iceberg    Ciera-Cove, Antarctica

Fish Islands    Antarctica

Iquana    Client, Canon USA

Miami Beach    Client, Adobe USA

Lightning    Adobe Corporation

Mendocino    CA

Turks and Caicos   


Large Iceberg at Sunset     Bransfield-Straits, Antarctica

Japan    Client: Canon USA, Inc.

Bare Palm Trees After Hurricane Wilma        Miami Beach

Sunset      Errera Channel, Antarctica

Arrow On Pavement      Miami Beach

Construction Worker And Wall         South Beach

Boy Running on Laguna Beach

Icebergs in Cierva Cove, Antarctica

Seal at Hope Bay, Antarctica

Old Steel Deception Island

Drake Passage, Antarctica

Life Guard Station after Hurricane Wilma   South Beach

Shipping Port        Ushuaia

Boca Buenos Aires

Palm Tree on Green Wall           Miami Beach

Car in Times Square       New York

Boy on Beach Silhouetted at Sunset        South Beach

Parasailing    South Beach

Tango       Buenos Aires

Chairs          Florida Keys

Hand and Leaf       Salt Lake City

Maples Leaves on Table      Vermont

Palm Tree Trunk      Miami

Boys playing in Ocean at Sunset       South Beach

Flying Skirt on Boat       Florida Keys


Construction Site      Miami

Flying High        Utah

Holes in Palm Leaf        Miami

CEO for Lantech Shrink Wrapping, Featured in Communication Arts   Client: Lantech

Flamingo Man    Client: National Geographic

Rodney Brooks with intelligent robot Cog   Client: Time Warner

CEO Bryan Zwan    Client: Digital Lightwave

Sicily    Client: D-65


Flags in Dew- featured in Applied Arts    Client: Canon

Bessemer Trust Executives    Client: Bessemer Trust

Shadows in the desert  New Mexico

Martha's Vineyard    Client: Epson

Florida hunting and fishing guide   

Florida Farm   

McCaw Eye   

Key West   

Mother of Pearl    Client: Adobe

Fifth Avenue    Client: Bessemer Trust

Tim Berners-Lee credited with inventing the World Wide Web    Client: Time Warner

Sherry Turkle is a psychologist who specializes in the personalities people create on the World Wide Web    Client: McGraw Hill


Iris    Client: Canon USA, Inc

Airplane at Logan Airport    Client: Canon USA, Inc

Athlete stretching in stadium    Client: Canon USA, Inc

Salt Flats           New Mexico

Gecko    Client: Canon USA, Inc

Laser Medical Scanning    Client: Sun Microsystems

House Fly    Client: Canon USA, Inc

Ferris Wheel    Client: New York State Tourism Board

Ed Gorey, featured in Best of Photography Annual    Client: New York Times Magazine

Business Meeting    Client: Wellington Management

Trader prays for up market    Client: Wellington Management

Floor of the NYSE    Client: Fidelity Investments

Executive in Business Meeting    Client: Bessemer Trust

Soybean Farmer    Client: DuPont

Ferris Wheel at Sunset   Client: Epson

Laser Eye Surgery    Client: Prudential Healthcare

Chip Manufacturing    Client: Cabletron Systems

Gecko    Client: Canon USA, Inc

Type Designer, featured in Communication Arts    Client: The New York Times Magazine

Fireman at Ground Zero

WW II Intelligence Officer    Client: The New York Times Magazine

Octopus in Sicily Market

Fisherman in Sicily

Carrying side of beef to market in Sicily

Fish Monger in Sicily

Salmon fishing in Anchorage

Surfing    Client: Canon Worldwide

Ice Fishing    Client: National Geographic

Icy Morning    Client: Folgers

Maine Road    Client: The New York Times Magazine

Skywriting    Client: Miller Brewing

Coke    Client: Stock

Girls and daisy's    Client: Canon Printers Worldwide

Ben and Jerry    Client: Ben and Jerry


Regatta featured in the best of Sports Worldwide    Client: The New York Times

Tony The Tiger    Client: Kellogs

Wine Tasting    Client: Ritz Carlton


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